Working Visions started in 2001, and delivers purpose-driven strategic consulting, project management, training, research and advisory services across government, NGO’s and corporate sectors.  Our advice is based on research, evidence and experience, not opinion. We are a multi-award winning boutique consultancy, with a particular interest in regional, tropical and northern Australia.



In my role as CEO of CCRC I needed a facilitator to assist with the implementation of change as a result amalgamation of two Councils.  I approached Tracey and soon had a comprehensive plan to assist middle, senior and executive management teams, from both organisations, start to work towards the common goal of integrating systems, policies and procedures to ensure the ‘new’ entity could work as a TEAM from the first day after amalgamation.I would recommend Working Visions as my preferred facilitators for any major restructure or organisational change management process.

Mark K
Former CEO Cassowary Coast Regional Council

Mark K

Working Visions is a unique provider of governance building and engagement services. Lead Tracey Wilson has been one of Australia’s greatest advocates of professional approaches to public participation in decision making, and her networks are both deep and extensive. Working Visions is a trustworthy partner to support those complex decision making processes.

Dr Allan Dale
Professor of Tropical Regional Development
The Cairns Institute, James Cook University

Dr Allan Dale

I have known Tracey for a number of years, and have been impressed by her skills in enabling collaboration, community engagement, and economic development. Tracey is an astute, commercially savvy, influential professional with a strong commitment to addressing the needs of the most disadvantaged members of our community, through sustainable economic and social development.

Dr Scott Davis

Dr Scott Davis

I’ve been lucky to collaborate with Tracey on a number of occasions, and she brings a creative and considered perspective that always adds value to a project. Working Visions excels in the development and management of meaningful strategic partnerships, often in complex circumstances where collaboration across teams and organisations is central to success. The community sits at the heart of Tracey’s engagement practice and it is a joy to see her work with people from countless backgrounds and abilities, delivering technical information as easily as her favourite chutney recipe. I admire Tracey, not just for her skill, but her warmth and energy. I look forward to our next project together.

Kate Retzki, Communications and Engagement Specialist

Kate Retzki

I have known Tracey for nearly 10 years in her work across Far North Queensland.  She is a dynamic, committed public engagement professional who is a credit to her IAP2 affiliation.  As an IAP2 ambassador for the area she helps support a growing network of engagement practitioners with enthusiasm and demonstrated expertise across a wide range of sectors and subject matter.  She has particular expertise in disaster response and recovery operations.

Sioux Campbell, IAP2 ambassador, FNQ.
Chameleon Public Relations Ltd.

Sioux Campbell

Tracey has a wealth of knowledge and a huge heart. She has worked with large and small companies and government organisations and is excellent at strategic planning and execution. I would recommend Tracey to any business that is looking to grow and would like an outside opinion on where their business needs some help.

Kimberley Lynch, MBA, AFAIM
International Business Growth Specialist

Kimberley Lynch, MBA, AFAIM