IAP2 Ambassador

Tracey was appointed as an IAP2 Ambassador in 2015, with her tenure finishing in September 2021 with the completion of the program. IAP2 are committed to supporting organisations to understand and implement best practice engagement principles. The IAP2 Foundations including the Public Participation Spectrum, Core Values, Quality Assurance Standards and the Australasian Community Engagement Model are key to understanding how to implement good engagement processes.

IAP2 Ambassadors are located around Australia and New Zealand and are available to deliver short talks or detailed workshops to teams, seminars and conferences to help others understand the importance of community and stakeholder engagement and how it can lead to more sustainable decision making.  If you’d like Tracey to speak at an event, or come to your workplace to discuss IAP2 and authentic engagement in her Ambassador role, contact ambassador@iap2.org.au.

Tracey contributed to IAP2’s Tale From the Trenches Series – see what she had to say here.

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