Hope Vale Aboriginal Shire Council Economic Development Strategy

Since 2014 Working Visions have partnered with Hope Vale Aboriginal Shire Council on Council’s Corporate Plan and Economic Development Strategy.

The strategies involve extensive internal and external stakeholder and community engagement and rigorous planning around the sustainable future of the township.

In May 2019, Working Visions co-designed and facilitated the Hope Vale 2023 Forum, which included attendance by Directors-General, peak bodies, regional government and business leaders.

The Hope Vale Video, a tourism marketing tool which highlights the sealing of the road between Cooktown and Hope Vale was launched at the Forum.

We’d like to share this special testimonial from Hope Vale Aboriginal Shire Council.  We are humbled and thankful by the words and the opportunity we’ve had to work with this progressive, beautiful Council.

Hope Vale Shire Council’s vision has been to move from dreaming to reality. It sounds like a fanciful soundbite, but it is something that the Council strives for each day, through each decision. We have kept our vision simple, yet goal focused and to that end we have seen a large part of our vision come true. To achieve this has involved hard work and resilient relationships. As with any organisation, the work is rarely the difficult part, but maintaining and respecting relationships to sustain our organisations are. Since 2014, Hope Vale Shire Council has had the pleasure of Working Visions partnering with us, and with a culmination of their perseverance and hard work we have reached greater heights than ever before. Tracey has drawn on tried and tested experience and introduced new thinking and approaches where feasible.  We have been fortunate to have Tracey believe in and enhance our vision by way of her dedication and unwavering support that is given willingly and eagerly. We value Working Vision’s core demonstrated principles of honesty, transparency, consistency and always respecting the relationship with Hope Vale Shire Council. We had a dream of Hope Vale Shire Council being synonymous with excellence and integrity, we found Working Visions and they have been part of our dream. We could never remember word for word what conversations that we have had throughout the years with different organisations, but we will always remember the way you make us feel. And that is the only thing that matters in any business relationship.”

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