Miranda Wilson

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Miranda first joined our team in 2017 as our specialist in motion and graphic design. She is now Working Visions’ first Graduate, and is based in our Melbourne office.

Miranda completed her Arts/Science double degree in 2021.  Her Arts major is in Human Geography and Ecology with a minor in International Relations. Miranda’s Science major is in Conservation Biology, minoring in Geographical Science and Genetics.  

She has a particular interest in human geography –  humans and their relationships with communities, cultures, economies, and interactions with the environment. Miranda is also interested in applying the principles of ecology and conservation biology to real-life management issues, particularly in the conservation field and using an interdisciplinary methods and techniques from social and physical sciences to find innovative solutions to environmental problems at different spatial scales.

Miranda is also a whizz with around statistics, data and research. 

She is a keen sailor, sailing coach, and tragic 80’s music fan.

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