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Women Prepare – Weather the Storm

Resilience Building Program for Women living in disaster prone areas 

The Federal Government’s Office for Women funded the National Rural Women’s Coalition to develop this project as an emerging issue during 2011-12. This 15-hour program brings women in a community together, to share ideas, experiences and beliefs about living with the risk of disasters. It has been delivered in pilot form in three communities affected by natural disasters. 

To steer and guide and development and delivery of the program a Program Working Group was established. This was a mix of organisations and individuals from across Australia who were interested in the program and able to bring skills, experience and perspective to the issue. This group acted as resource and provided input from a broad range expertise and experience for the project. For the second and third deliveries of the program a smaller sub group including Tracey Wilson and coordinator Kate came together by teleconference on a regular basis, to work through the session plans and provide support and guidance to the coordinator. 

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