Management Consulting

Good strategy is a journey. Working Visions works with clients to develop and implement the right strategy to deliver sustainable growth. We have worked with several of our clients over many years – we make it our business to understand our clients business and industry and take practical approach to the design and delivery of all advice.   We are committed to working with our clients to deliver successful sustainable outcomes. However, it’s essential that business owners and  leaders are able to  bring their strategies to life.  We work with your leaders to ensure a thorough approach to strategy design and execution is implemented to set the long- and short-term course, considering the capabilities and resources required, and building the systems and processes that will ensure success.

Whatever your strategy focus (Corporate, business, strategy, growth, visioning) it’s about making a choice about your purpose, and how your organisation will achieve that purpose, now and into the future.

Our strategy team works with Boards, Council’s, executive teams and SME business owners to identify, test and articulate their visioning and strategy for sustainability. We assist in creating strategies which are practically executable and which create sustainable success and profitability.


Good strategy results from exploration through asking the right questions. We work with clients to help them define the right questions to explore, and enable them to constructively challenge themselves to think broadly – but with focus – as they seek to find the answer.

We support our clients across all stages of strategy design and detailed short- and long-term planning, right through to execution. We work with clients to facilitate development of a strategic plan, support market analysis of new products and services or markets, align (and re-align) the business operating model, define metrics and reporting to track progress, focus on risk management and project implementation support.

Innovation, Growth and Sustainability

It’s important to remember that innovation is integral to sustainability and the two work in partnership. In order to stand out in an ever-changing landscape, organisations and businesses need to think about their sustainable practises in terms of their economic growth, not aside from it. Many businesses find that integration of these strategies creates the need to think innovatively, use imagination and creativity to redesign their goals; all factors which will inevitably lend themselves as beneficial to other commercial areas of the business.

Sustainable businesses are redefining the corporate ecosystem by designing models that create value for all stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, supply chains, civil society, and the planet. A growing number of organisations are integrating sustainability into their business strategy. In a 2018 McKinsey survey, 70 percent of respondents said their companies have a formal governance of sustainability in place.

Working Visions works with our clients to integrate sustainable business practices and planning.  This in turn has lead to innovation and growth with clients working towards their goal of implementing a sustainable business strategy which considers environmental, economic, and social factors.

Board Advisory

Being a Non-Executive Director has never been more challenging as we operate in  a world of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Boards, Councillors and their leadership teams stand at the front line of dealing with these issues daily.

We understand first-hand the challenges and risks faced by Board Members, made even more difficult by constantly evolving regulation, an increasingly litigious environment and declining levels of public trust in public and private institutions.

Our team supports Boards in developing appropriate responses to the changing environment working with individual Board members and Boards as a collective, based on our real world experience of the Boardroom environment. Whether considering corporate strategy development, governance, financial oversight or risk, we have experience and up-to-date perspective on the most appropriate Board responses across a range of industries.

Working Visions has worked with SME’s, Councils, NFP boards and committees across Australia. 

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