We love mentoring.  It’s a two-way learning opportunity. Mentoring is one of the best strategies for professional and personal development. It focusses on relationship design framework, building confidence and helping the protege to take increasing initiative for their own development. Mentoring is a ‘guided learning” approach to acquiring new skills and inherently involves personal change and growth.

Working Visions offers specialist support on mentoring program design, implementation, on-going support of mentors and proteges. We can advise and assist on either formal or informal mentoring programs. We have implemented, supported and advised on mentoring programs for Universities, sporting associations, tourism organisations, women’s groups and Indigenous organisations.

Our mentoring model is adaptive, and engages participants in an environment that promotes learning excellence, leadership development, and career exploration for women and men. The program supports continuous growth and development, the transfer of knowledge, and the building of capability in our protégés and mentors. 

Tracey has particular interest in leadership development for women and middle managers and works across sectors.  People seek her out for advice at a formal and informal basis.

Tracey has a Certificate IV in Mentoring Diverse Groups. We’ve also developed mentoring programs for universities, NGO’s and government agencies. 

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