These courses and workshops are of particular interest to our team and particularly Tracey.  They represent years of experience and reflect our passion.  We can tailor workshops, class sizes and delivery models to suit client’s needs.  We’ve delivered in across capital cities and regional centres, in rainforests and on beaches. Our aim is to allow you to stretch your mind (and sometimes your body) in a supported environment.  We all need more time to think and learn. 

As at 20 March 2020, Working Visions has taken the decision to postpone training courses. Please see our statement here

Intro Courses

Working Visions delivers sought-after one-day Introductory Courses. This is targeted, small group learning with 8-10 participants, which can also be delivered in-house.

Thought Leadership Workshops (TLW©)

As a Leader are you feeling “in over your head”? Explore your actions as a business, government or community leader in our Thought Leadership Workshops which allow participants to challenge themselves, explore innovative ways of thinking and to make paradigm shifts around how to approach their role as a leader in their chosen field or within their community or business

Mentoring Matters

Many organisations are implementing formalised mentoring programs. A successful mentoring program needs the careful implantation of frameworks and models to ensure understanding of the benefit and application of mentoring across the organisation.

Growing Good Governance

Good governance is about understanding the structures and systems that enable you to make the right decisions, and set the right course for your organisation. The past two decades has seen a rise in expectations of boards of organisations that operate within Australia

Women Prepare – Weather the Storm

The aim of this program is to engage women who are interested in disaster preparedness. It is particularly focussed towards women relocating to a disaster-prone environment including migrant women and refugees.

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