Women Prepare – Weather the Storm

The aim of this program is to engage women who are interested in disaster preparedness. It is particularly focussed towards women relocating to a disaster-prone environment including migrant women and refugees. The program is a facilitated sharing and learning experience and explores the roles and challenges women find themselves in directly after a natural disaster. Underpinning the program are the ideas that:

  • People learn better, retain more and make more changes when they participate, when their views and opinions are valued and respected and when they can think aloud.
    • Building a sense of connectedness, safety and belonging makes it more enjoyable so participants want to come back, they are more relaxed so they participate, and there is a greater chance of them wanting to continue as a group.
    • Respect for each person’s experiences and life situation
    • Building a culture of preparedness will come more easily working with the willing at a higher level of understanding and more complex issues. It is the sweet spot of community education and has a flow on effect. 

The program is conducted over 15 contact hours, spread over 3 x 5 hour sessions, with at least a week in between each session. This time-frame assists in developing connections and relationships for an ongoing group and reflection between sessions. 

Day 1 – Groundwork and exploration
Day 2 – Visioning and Planning 
Day 3 – Families, Recovery, Scenarios, What’s next? 

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